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The HR software that takes care of the entire employee lifecycle from hire to retire – Digital HRMS is what every business needs for seamless automation of HR functions and effective employee management.

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Simplify Every HR Function on a Single Platform

Eliminate complexity of leave & attendance management
  •  Integrated Access Control System
  •  Easy Attendance Regularization & Work from Home requests
  •  Leave types as per company policy
  •  Flexible shift scheduling and management
  •  Quick access to Leave calendar
Explore Leave Management with Digital HRMS – Learn More >
HRMS Leave Management
Bring the best talent on board
  •  All-in-one dashboard
  •  Quick data extraction with Digital Resume Parser
  •  Structured recruitment process
  •  Applicant tracking
  •  Candidate profile database management
  •  Automated shortlisting of candidates
  •  Streamlined interview and feedback process
  •  Informed candidate choices
  •  Automated offer processes
Explore Recruitment with Digital HRMS – Learn More >
Minimalize paperwork and simplify onboarding
  •  Employee details management
  •  Employee lifecycle management
  •  Access to employee history
  •  Background verification
  •  Competency management
  •  Employee Benefits Management
  •  Quick employee search
Explore Employee Management with Digital HRMS – Learn More >
HRMS Employee Management
Manage all employee data at one location
  •  Centralized HR Data platform
  •  Bulk information update
  •  Role-based data access
  •  Detailed reports
  •  Company social news feed
Explore Employee Information Management with Digital HRMS – Learn More >
HRMS My Detals
Increase awareness about company policies
  •  Compliance & risk mitigation
  •  HR document storage
  •  Easy access to policy documents
  •  Quick policy updates
  •  Access control on policies
Explore Policy Document Management with Digital HRMS – Learn More >
HRMS Policy Document
Record every occurrence of a violation of business policy or norms, and resolve disciplinary concerns of employees.
  •  Employee Management
  •  Employee Self Service
  •  Leave & Attendance
  •  Performance Assessment
  •  Travel Request
  •  Expense & Reimbursements
Explore Violations & Occurrence Document Management with Digital HRMS – Learn More >
Violation & Occurrence
Empower your workforce and reduce dependency on HR
  •  Business card requests
  •  Voucher requests
  •  Access to HR Help Desk
  •  Access to Employee Summary
  •  Easy status request tracking
Explore Employee Self Service with Digital HRMS – Learn More >
HRMS Employee Self Service
Allocate your resources to maximize efficiency
  •  Single interface to end & add allocations
  •  Bulk resource allocations
  •  Shared allocation tracking
  •  Workforce analytics and planning
  •  Complete and partial allocation
  •  Access to RAS history
Explore Resource Allocation with Digital HRMS – Learn More >
HRMS Resource Allocation
Track working hours to manage productivity
  •  Integration with Click.Time
  •  Employee performance tracking
  •  Productivity tracking for proficiency
  •  Effective effort estimation
  •  Detailed time split across tasks
  •  Easy time tracking
  •  Time off tracking
Explore Time Tracking with Digital HRMS – Learn More >
HRMS Timeport
Ensure fair appraisal for your employees
  •  Self Assessment of employee performance
  •  Competency and KRA based assessment
  •  Easy to configure rating scales
  •  Management of performance reviews and feedback
  •  Tracking of employee performance and evaluations
  •  Customizable automated reminders
Explore Performance Management with Digital HRMS – Learn More >
HRMS Performance Management
Manage your training needs on a single platform
  •  Intuitive training dashboard
  •  Identification of training needs
  •  Graphical representation of training goals
  •  Ad-hoc training requests
  •  Online training
  •  Multi-rater training feedback
Explore Training Management with Digital HRMS – Learn More >
HRMS Training Management
Schedule meetings in a few clicks
  •  Conference room registration with equipment
  •  Scheduling on custom dates
  •  Booking as per equipment availability
  •  Auto-generated email notifications
Explore Conference Room Booking with Digital HRMS – Learn More >
HRMS Conference Room Booking
Say goodbye to hassles of travel management
  •  Transparent monitoring of travel requests
  •  Multiple travellers on single request
  •  Advance approvals
  •  Multiple itinerary options by Travel Desk
Explore Travel Management with Digital HRMS – Learn More >
HRMS Travel Management
Say no to delay in employee reimbursements
  •  Effective monitoring of expense requests
  •  Quick sorting of requests
  •  Multiple expense types on single request
  •  Easy to view status
  •  Expense reporting
Explore Expense Management with Digital HRMS – Learn More >
Gain employee trust and elevate engagement
  •  List of all surveys available
  •  Access to people powered data
  •  Customizable surveys
  •  Easy access to surveys saved as draft
  •  Employee engagement surveys
  •  360 degree reviews
  •  Reports and analytics of surveys
Explore Survey Management with Digital HRMS – Learn More >
HRMS Survey Management
Analyze HR Data through insightful reports
  •  Customized reports
  •  Workforce Analytics
  •  Predictive analytics
  •  Simplified report creation
  •  Role-based access
  •  Multiple filters
  •  Contextual insights
  •  Provision to export reports
Explore Reports & Analytics with Digital HRMS – Learn More >
HRMS Reports Analytics
Implement a streamlined employee separation process
  •  Easy resignation recording/pullback
  •  Customizable exit interview surveys
  •  Quick exit interview scheduling
  •  Employee deactivation at click of a button
  •  Quick clearance activity from all departments
Explore Employee Separation with Digital HRMS – Learn More >
HRMS Separation
Streamline Allocation & Tracking of Assets
  •  Easy allocation of assets to employees
  •  Asset definition made easy
  •  Quick access to asset allocation data
  •  Automated notifications for pending asset deallocation
  •  Easy visibility of team assets to Managers
Explore Asset Mapping with Digital HRMS – Learn More >
HRMS Asset Mapping
Discover Easy and Efficient Payroll Management
  •  Comprehensive reports
  •  Easy scalability for increase in employee count
  •  Provision for Employee Loan Management
  •  Automated monthly Electronic EMS
  •  Accurate calculations of income, bonus, allowance & deductions
  •  Web based application with simple UI
  •  Support for additional provident fund contributions by employee & employer
Explore Digipayroll with Digital HRMS – Learn More >
HRMS DigiPayroll
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Experience HR on the Move with Our Mobile App

Geo Fencing

Automatic update of work hours for out-of-office work through location geo-fencing.

Fingerprint Signature

Use of fingerprint sensor to facilitate quick and secure unlocking of application.

Chat Bot

Get quick resolutions to your queries with our interactive chatbot feature.

Timesheet Recorder

Discover an automated approach to recording employee working hours.

Voice Command

Direct access to a page through use of relevant voice commands.

Face Recognition

Quick and authentic attendance tracking of employees through face recognition.

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Why Digital HRMS

Increased HR Efficiency

Elimination of manual work enhances efficiency of HR processes.

Single Sign On

Automated sync up with MS Outlook to eliminate need for signing in multiple times.

HR on the Move

Anytime anywhere access on the go with On-premise, on Cloud and mobile app.

Advanced Security Levels

Security standards for information confidentiality and access control.

GDPR Compliance

Compliance to GDPR Regulations for complete protection of user data.

Highly Configurable Modules

Easy setup & configuration of every module under Admin Configuration

Intelligent Resume Parsing

Automated resume data extraction in recruitment module with Digital Resume Parser

Seamless Integration

Highly customizable platform offering seamless integration with HRMS software and HR systems.

Employee Self-Service

Reduced dependency on HR as employees can perform simple tasks themselves.

Dynamic Workflows

Provision to customize the workflow for every HR activity brings in flexibility.

Automated Attendance Tracking

Attendance tracking of remote employees on Mobile App with geofencing

Employee Lifecycle Management

Streamlined and automated HR functions for complete management of employee lifecycle.

Smart Links

Smart Links for quick & instant approvals, without the need for application login.

Intuitive Mobile App

Convenience of experiencing HR on the Move with advanced features on our mobile app.

One Click Help File Access

Provision to access the Help File from anywhere on the platform in a single click.

Prompt Data Analysis

Simple tracking of employee information and being able to analyze it efficiently.

Performance Assessment

Assess employee performance information and utilize it to gain a better output.

Seamless API Integration

Using API integration, make HR process simple to communicate across platforms.

Experience the next level of HR management with Digital HRMS

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