Streamline your recruitment process to bring the best talent on board.

Human resources is one of the key assets of any enterprise. Use the recruitment master set-up to customize the recruitment module as per the requirement of your organization. An advanced human resource management system, Digital HRMS supports RRS creation, approval and allocation. Users can view job postings and schedule interviews. The platform also allows users to view status and status graphs of the interview process as well as individual candidates.

Digital HRMS supports creation, approval and allocation of RRS. Users need to login to the HRMS software using the Hiring manager's user id, access the RRS dashboard and fill in the required details to create RRS. For RRS approval, users need to login through the RRS Approver's ID and select the desired RRS. Users can allocate RRS by logging in using the Recruiter Admin's ID and selecting the desired RRS.

Users can view the RRS dashboard by logging in using the Recruiter Admin's ID. Users can add new candidates and define associated parameters like education, skill level, experience, and more. It allows current employees to refer candidates for a position.

Digital HRMS offers the existing employees of the organization to refer candidates for a position. To refer candidates for a job, employees must do so through the Candidate Referral page.

Users can add, edit or delete job postings by clicking on the View Job Postings tab under the Recruitment tab. Users can view a list of jobs, along with relevant details, such as RRS ID, RRS Title, Position Headline, Creation Date, Job Posting Type and Job Location.

The Interview dashboard of Digital HRMS allows you to view the interview status and status graph. Users can access the page by clicking on the Recruitment tab. There is also the option to search for a specific candidate's interview status by searching using the candidate's name.

The candidate dashboard of Digital HRMS allows you to view the candidate status and status graph, along with a Grid View which will display all the information about the candidates. Users can also search using the RRS Title, Candidate Status or also by the Candidate Name.

Digital HRMS makes it easy for the HR/Admin to keep a track of the candidates shortlisted and those who have been called for an interview. Basically, the user can track the status of all the candidates at the various stages of the interview process. The tracking is based on a few key parameters such as RRS ID, RRS title, candidate name, candidate number, skills, total IT experience, relevant experience, and so on.

With Digital HRMS, the HR/Admin can maintain a repository of the resumes of candidates who apply for different positions, even if some of these positions are not open at the time. This helps the recruitment team to get access to resumes of suitable candidates whenever they have an opening for a certain position. This way, they always have candidates with good potential that they can immediately get in touch with, instead of posting a job opening and waiting for applications.

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