Allocate and Track Assets with Automated Asset Mapping System

Tracking the assets allocated to the employees can be a complex process without an effective system in place. Moreover, the deallocation of the assets, such as laptop, mouse, headphone, data card, during the process of employee separation is important.

The Asset Mapping module allows the organization to map the assets to the employees to whom the assets have been allocated. The assets can be defined through the SetUp Masters tab under Admin Configuration. This makes it convenient for the HR to keep a track of the allocated assets and refer to the Asset Mapping Database as and when required for quick reference for information on asset management in the organization.

Active employees are the current employees of the organization. Under the Active Employee tab, the HR/Admin can view the list of allocated assets to the employees of the organization, along with the Transaction Date and Deallocation details. The Admin/HR also has the provision to add new allocations with ease. The employees can view assets allocated to them and the Managers can view assets allocated to themselves as well as to their team members.

This tab is for the resources who are no longer associated with the organization. Under this tab, the Admin/HR can view a list of deactivated employees (employees who are no longer with the company). Here the Admin/HR has the provision to Deallocate the Assets if any, as indicated by the system, through a process of manual deallocation.