Manage Employee Training Requirements on a Single Platform.

The Training Module of Digital HRMS allows the Training department to allocate online training sessions for the employees and also allow them to schedule classroom training with ease. The module also allows users to view their training calendar, and the trainings that that are available for them for every quarter. It allows for a seamless management of employee training requirements, with a balance of classroom and online trainings.

Under this tab, the user can view the Training Goal, along with the details of the classroom trainings and online trainings in a graphical form, under the My Classroom Trainings and My Online Trainings sections respectively. This tab also showcases a list of trainings allocated to the user under every quarter.

Under this tab, the user can view the list of trainings recommended for him/her. The Trainings mentioned here can be classroom trainings or online trainings and are mentioned under the respective quarters.

Under this tab, the user can view the number of training requests applied for, and how many of them have been approved or rejected by the reporting manager. Also, the list of trainings can be seen under each quarter.

Under this tab, the Admin can view the enrollment requests raised by the employees in the organization that are yet to get approval from the respective Manager. The Training Admin can approve requests of employees to enroll them in a training session.

The Training Admin has the rights to view all the scheduled Trainings and manage the details as required under the Manage Trainings tab.

The Training Admin has the access to view the training requests raised by Managers in the organization, depending on the training requirements of their respective teams.

TNI stands for Training Needs Identification and it’s the responsibility of the Training Admin to identify training needs of all employees.

Under this tab, the Training Admin can define the questions for assessments and also group the questions under various categories for easy access later on.

The Reports tab is where the training team can create automated reports to analyze various aspects of trainings as well as participant attendance, training goals completed, training requirements and more.