Empower your employees with control over basic services

Empowerment of employees contributes to enhanced employee morale and increased productivity in the organisation. The Employee Self service module allows employees to raise request for basic services directly from the portal.

Under the notification tab, all the pending requests will be visible to employee and HR/Authorised user. HR/Authorised user can take required actions on the same and update the status of the request. User will get the automated notification of the request status through email as well as in the application.

Under the Business Card Request tab, the employee can raise a request for his/her business cards. The user needs to add basic details in the fields which needs to be printed on card and then click on the submit button. There is also the provision to track the status of the request.

To avail tax benefits, organization can provide the meal/gift voucher facility to their employees. This facility can be executed through ‘Voucher Request’. Under this tab, employee can apply for different types of vouchers, which include meal vouchers, gift vouchers and more. The employee can also manage, track and see the status of all the applied requests.

Under this tab, the employee can submit various requests (e.g. Employment letter, Bonafide letter, etc), complaints and suggestions to the HR department of the organisation by filling a few basic details. There is also the option to track the status of a request. Manager can also see the list and status of requests raised by their team members.

The Employee Summary tab will be visible based on the permissions. Managers or HR can use this tab to raise the requests on behalf of the employees.

The Support Contacts tab provides the contact details for every department in the organization. The purpose is to provide the employees with quick contacts for easy reference.