Maintain efficient operation of the office with a Violations & Occurrence Module

The Digital HRMS Violations and Occurrence module supports in recording and keeping every occurrence of a violation of business policy or norms, as well as resolving disciplinary concerns of employees in an organization efficiently.

Tracking employee violation occurrences is an essential responsibility of the HR Manager for the efficient operation of work and the office, regardless of how large or small the organization is. The HR Manager is solely responsible for maintaining workplace discipline, tracking violations of rules committed by employees and the frequency with which they occur, and taking appropriate action against the employees for their behavior.

The Violations & Occurrence module can be linked with the following modules of Digital HRMS and others can be added further.

  •  Employee management
  •  Employee Self Service
  •  Leave & Attendance
  •  Performance Assessment
  •  Travel Request
  •  Expense & reimbursements

Key Features
  •  The management has the authority to impose disciplinary actions to employees.
  •  Employees explain their actions and submit them to the manager.
  •  Based on the explanation, the management can decide on the ultimate action against the employee.
  •  The Admin/Manager has the ability to create 'Setup Categories', 'Setup Condition', and 'Violation Activity'.

Setup Violations & Occurrence
The admin can set-up various violations and occurrences categories, conditions and violation activity here.

Setup Category
The categories for violations in various modules like leave and attendance, can be set here

The conditions of violations can be set up here. It is the logic behind the categories.

The categories and conditions set will be displayed here. Here you can set which category is applicable to an employee and from what date etc. for a particular module. And similarly set the activity for selected/all modules.

View the Violations and Occurrences of a particular employee and import in various formats or get reports.