Discover the Easy and Efficient Way to Manage Payroll and Compliance

Payroll management is one of the primary responsibilities of the HR team and a streamlined approach to payroll management is essential to avoid discrepancies and prevent delays. Digital HRMS is integrated with DigiPayroll, a product of The Digital Group, for payroll management.

DigiPayroll can be configured to cater to the taxation laws of your country for seamless payroll processing and compliance. We have configured DigiPayroll to cater to the requirements of some of our esteemed clients in Fiji, with the following features:

  •  FRCS accredited software, including FNPF compliance
  •  Ring Fencing options available as per FRCS regulations
  •  Online FNPF submission of monthly contribution
  •  Support for additional FNPF contributions by employee & employer
  •  Automated generation of monthly PAYE & FNPF Electronic EMS