Ensure all your employees get a fair appraisal.

Performance assessment is a key to framing appraisals, and you can now trust Digital HRMS, your ideal HR partner to provide you the data to have fair appraisal assessment. In addition to that, you can use the Customizable Performance Assessment feature to configure the parameters that define the process of appraisal calculation, right on your HR software platform. Draft competency-based forms and define which users can view/edit the appraisal forms through their HRMS software login IDs. Digital HRMS provides multiple Assessment methods to measure the performance of individual, group and entire organization.

All the components of an appraisal form on Digital HRMS are customizable. From the rating scales, appraisal cycles, goals and KRAs to employee mapping, appraisal permissions, initiation, closure and normalization, the HRMS solution can configure components of an appraisal form as required. The multi-section appraisal form option allows the Admin to add parameters and skillsets under multiple sections, with variable weightage to each section. The skillsets under each section need to be unique and there is also the option to map the multiple sections to specific designations to create customized appraisal forms for employees on the basis of designation.

Using the HR management software, users can choose to design performance appraisal forms on the basis of either competencies or KRAs or both. They can also create a dictionary of competencies defining various categories of competencies such as Job knowledge, Attendance, Planning and Organizing, and Team spirit, etc. and assign them to relevant job roles.

Using this feature, the HR personnel can determine whether an employee can view his/her appraiser’s comments on the performance appraisal form. This option can be chosen with regards to the selected appraisal cycles, employees, employment type, designation and organization unit, as pre-defined on the HR management software.

Digital HRMS has the ability to capture additional information in various format such as the check box option, text box options or free text options. Users can also decide whether they want the form to be editable for the employee, manager or both.

Digital HRMS provides the facility to reassign the form from one manager to other. Through this feature, HR department will be able to know the detailed performance of an employee by allowing the previous managers to provide their comments.