Allocate your resources to maximize efficiency and productivity

The management of resource allocation process ensures that every project gets allocation of resources that match the required skillsets for the project. There is a RAS Provider in every organization who looks after the allocation of resources for various projects within the organization. The Resource Allocation module is designed to automate the process of resource allocation, to allow for transparency and to ensure optimum utilization of resources within the organization. Even new employees are assigned to the respective teams this way by the Admin.

The Freeze Unfreeze tab allows the HR/Admin to freeze the invoicing for specific projects by entering the relevant details under this tab.

The Manage Allocation tab is only visible to the RAS provider, who allocates resources to a new business unit, based on the current requirements. Clicking on any allocation, the RAS provider can create allocation and also view the allocation history for that specific resource.

The Manage Access tab is only accessible to the Admin. The Admin can assign a business unit to an employee who is a RAS provider, by searching for the employee and selecting the desired business units.

The Shared Allocation tab shows a list of all the resources who are working on two or more projects at the same time and they have been allocated to the different projects on shared allocation basis. This tab shows the details of the resources along with their allocation percentage.

The Reports feature allows users to access detailed reports about the resource allocation details. Digital HRMS allows users to search for reports based on various parameters, such as allocated, unallocated, availability, date, project, capability rating, business unit.