Manage employee productivity with automated time tracking.

Every organisation today has employees based in different geographical regions, with some of them even working remotely. This can sometimes mean that managing employee productivity is a challenge. Digital HRMS allows organisations to track the working hours of employees and manage their productivity through an automated system.

The TimeSheet tab is where the employee can enter their work logs on a daily or weekly basis. The employee needs to enter tasks completed, along with time duration, to keep a record of the work they do.

The TimeSheet Status tab is where the status of the timesheets is reflected. The status of the timesheets is displayed, along with the name of the resource and the project they are a part of.

The TimeSheet Approval tab is where the Managers can view and approve the worklogs entered by the members of the team. There is also an option for the Manager to search for work logs.

The Timesheet Export tab allows the HR/Admin or the Manager to export the timesheets into .pdf format with just a few clicks. This serves as an easy reference point for accessing timesheets.

The TimePort Report tab is where one can search for the approved TimeSheet requests, on the basis of parameters like From and To dates, Client, and Project Name.