Time Tracking with Digital HRMS: Keep Your Clients Updated on Resource Task Completion

The year 2020 has witnessed a drastic change in the way employees work, with the Covid-19 pandemic forcing a huge section of the global working population to work remotely from their homes. While the access to advanced technology has ensured that the companies don’t miss out on project deadlines, even though the employees are “locked down” in their homes, the surge in the number of employees working remotely has its own share of challenges. 

Tracking the productivity of the employees and if they are working for specific number of hours, is a key challenge for teams and organizations in the current scenario. This is more so for billable resources as the client needs to be assured that the resources are working as planned and that the project will be completed within the mentioned deadline. Let’s have a quick look at the key benefits of a systematic approach to employee time tracking, as provided by the time-tracking feature of Digital HRMS.

  • Inculcates a sense of accountability in the employees for the tasks assigned to them. This will motivate them to complete the tasks on time.
  • There is a detailed record that the team can share with the client to show that the entire team has been working on their assigned tasks for the project, without any delays or hindrances.
  • Ensures employees are productive even when they are not in the office premises. This means they can be trusted with delivering projects on time even if the entire team is working remotely.
  • Brings in transparency within the team and makes it easy for everyone to focus on their work.
  • Makes it easier for employees to complete the assigned tasks within the given time and still have time for oneself and with family.

On the other hand, ineffective time tracking results in a loss in earnings for the team as the project does not get completed within the time frame or deadline. Also, when employees are working remotely, it becomes difficult to keep a track on their activities as effectively as when everyone is present in the office. This is where an automated time tracking system can step in and make things easier for organizations as well as the employees.

Time Tracking of Remote Employees with Digital HRMS

The TimePort module of Digital HRMS is the solution to the challenge faced by organizations today when it comes to recording the productivity of the resources and presenting it before the client, to keep them updated on completion of the tasks assigned to the various resources in the team.The TimePort module offers employees a platform to enter their work logs on a daily or weekly basis, get the approval of the tasks entered and also generate work log/task reports. The employee needs to fill in fields like project name, SDLC, work item type, work product artefact, etc.

There is also the option for the employee to duplicate or delete an added task. After the employee creates a work log, it goes to the Level 1 and Level 2 Managers for approval. The TimePort module also supports quick automated reports on the work logs for easy reference and sharing with clients.

The TimePort module is very feasible for employees working remotely, because of the ease of access as it is a part of the HRMS portal itself, and doesn’t require the employee to login to a separate platform. Also, the fact that Digital HRMS can be accessed on the Cloud, eliminates the need for infrastructure that would normally be required for On Premise access.

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