Create Reports and Control Access at the Click of a Button

Reports are essential for analyzing the data that is collected and stored in Digital HRMS across the different modules. The Reports & Analytics module is where the user needs to go in order to generate detailed automated reports with data from various aspects of HR functions. This module allows users to build custom reports or create reports under multiple tabs.

Users have the option to create reports by choosing from more 20 parameters such as skills, certifications, leave taken, working hours, appraisal rating, payroll, and competency. To create a report, users simply have to drag and drop available fields and select the report criteria such as employees, office location, and date of joining, etc.

Static reports are reports that can be viewed by users who have been given access to these reports. However, these reports cannot be edited. Users can export these files to Excel, PDF and Word at the click of a button. Users can also choose the "From" and "To" dates for better, more accurate results. The Administrator/HR personnel can determine who gets access to these reports. For instance, only individual records will be accessible by employees, whereas a manager will be able to access his/her individual reports and reports of those reporting to him/her.

Using the Manage reports option, users can edit the details of the selected reports. You can update the name of the report, change who can access it, also change its category from among recruitment, time and attendance, employee information or leave.

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