Bring New Talent on Board with a Paperless Employee Management System.

Digital HRMS makes it easy for your HR department to create a good onboarding experience for your new hires, by minimizing paperwork. The Employee Management module is designed to streamline all your onboarding procedures. The bulk information update feature allows users to update multiple employee profiles simultaneously. The module also allows employees to customize policy documents, as per the requirements defined by the client.

Digital HRMS also offers a pre-onboarding feature that allows the HR/Admin to manage and complete the pre-onboarding formalities through the platform itself. This tab includes initiation of onboarding of the employees as well as a section for review.

Digital HRMS makes the entire process of bringing new hires onboard a paperless one. The Employee Creation tab allows Admin/HR to enter the details of the employee on the day of joining. The employee is asked to fill in the personal and other details after their account is created on the Digital HRMS platform.

This feature allows user to search the details of a particular employee or search a list of employees based on various parameters like designation, skill, department etc. It’s an easy way to view a list of employees, say, in a particular department or with a particular skill set.

This tab allows the Admin/HR to update the details of employees batchwise, or multiple employees at one given time. The objective is to make the process of updating details much faster.

Under this tab, the HR/Admin can import documents in bulk from a folder in to the Digital HRMS database. This is another useful feature that saves the time and efforts of the HR team in an organization.

Digital HRMS allows the HR to manage the Background Verification from the application itself. The background verification is carried out for every employee who joins an organization. The HR can initiate the document request and an email link is sent to the employee. The employee can then upload the required documents for background verification using that link. Once the documents are received, the HR initiates the Background Verification process through a third-party vendor and updates the status accordingly. The HR can also upload the final report and status here.

This is where the Admin of Digital HRMS can define the radius of an area outside the office premises, where an employee is scheduled to visit for office work, such as a client, market visit, seminar, etc. In such a scenario, the attendance of the employee can be automatically updated in the system by tracking his location through the geofencing technology used in the Digital HRMS mobile app.

This feature is to update the total salary numbers and the effective date of salary. On this feature we can update the salary details in bulk through excel upload. This salary info can be used under reports along with the employees’ allocation details.