Access Digital HRMS on Your Smart Device Anytime Anywhere

Experience an extension of the Digital HRMS platform on your mobile devices with powerful features at your fingertips on the go!

Intuitive UI

Experience the convenience of a slick UI designed to help you find information and navigate easily with just a few swipes

Multi level Data Security

Witness advanced data security with data encryption and multi-level security features available on the mobile app

Advanced Features

Get access to advanced mobile specific features that make the best use of your mobile device configuration

Customizable Modules

Choose the modules you need to build a customizable mobile app that caters to your specific business requirements

Gain an Edge with the Digital HRMS Mobile App

Cross Platform

Powerful HRMS Mobile app features for Android and iOS users alike

High Speed

Optimum use of your mobile device configuration for best app performance

On the Go Access

Access to HR functions on the fingertips for employees and HR anytime anywhere

Free Updates

Regular free updates to ensure the most optimized app experience for every user

Quick Support

Robust support team dedicated to user assistance and quick resolution of queries

Chat Bot

Interactive chatbot feature for 24/7 AI-powered user interaction

Live the Digital HRMS Mobile App Experience

Powerful features make your mobile device the gateway to convenient access of every HR function and more.


Simplified Remote Attendance Tracking

Implement automated attendance tracking of remote employees with the Digital HRMS Mobile app powered by geofencing technology.


Quick & Secure Login

Discover a quick way to login to the Digital HRMS app that is highly secure with fingerprint signature technology.

Interactive App Navigation

Interact with the Digital HRMS app through voice commands for quick access and say goodbye to complex navigation.


Authenticated Employee Attendance

Experience attendance tracking like never before with the face recognition technology on the Digital HRMS app.


Easy Productivity Tracking

Use the automated Timesheet Recorder to record the start time, end time and total duration of each task with ease for productivity tracking.

A Sneak Peek into the Digital HRMS App UI

The UI defines app experience and is the identity of every app. Discover a simplified UI for every HR function with Digital HRMS.

Access HR Functions at your Fingertips!

Say yes to a customizable mobile app that lets you access every HR function at your fingertips even when you are on the move. Get the Digital HRMS Mobile App today.


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