Why Voice Search is the Future of the HRMS Mobile App

The magic of voice search is that it allows you to talk to your smart device, be it a smartphone, tablet or a laptop. In the years following its introduction, voice search has opened new doors for human-machine interactions. You are no longer required to type in your query, all you need to do is just speak out your thoughts. Pathbreaking, isn’t it? Definitely, because some of the smart devices have taken it a step further and are speaking to the users as they inform them about the results of their query (Think Siri!). However, today it’s not just the virtual assistants that use voice-based interactions to create that “wow” experience for the users. These days even your everyday apps support voice interactions in the form of the voice search functionality.

Just have a closer look at any of your ecommerce apps and you’ll find the voice search icon next to the Search box (probably you’re using it already!). What is search? Well, it is nothing but a way of navigating to the desired information or product, and effective search is all about doing so in the shortest time and with high levels of accuracy. So, can voice search be used for navigation within the app? Definitely yes, and this is exactly the application of Voice Search functionality in several other apps, and the HR mobile app is one of them.

Application of Voice Search in Digital HRMS Mobile App
Digital HRMS is an advanced new age Human Resource Management platform that automates every HR function to pave the way for enhanced HR efficiency and smooth and seamless employee management. It is a modular HR software platform that offers dedicated modules for every HR function and can be fully configured to meet the requirements of the organization.

The Digital HRMS mobile app is available for Android and iOS users and offers a host of mobile specific features. It is the perfect companion for employees today as it helps them access the Digital HRMS platform on the go, anytime anywhere. The Digital HRMS app offers multiple features and Voice Search functionality is one of them.

The Voice Search or Voice Command feature of the Digital HRMS mobile app allows the user to access a specific screen without the need to navigate through the app. It brings convenience and adds to the user experience.

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Why Voice Search Technology is the Future
Now, let us look at what makes voice search technology the future when it comes to mobile apps. We all know how voice search technology has powered a revolution of sorts in the world of information, with chatbots and virtual assistants taking the applications of this technology to an all new level. The biggest factor that works for voice search technology is the convenience, brought forth by the element of familiarity (it feels more natural to ask something verbally than to type it in as a query) and the speed. The infographics below showcases some statistics to highlight the growing significance of voice search technology in mobile apps.

Voice Search functionality has been instrumental in making the new age apps more intuitive and easier to interact with. As the next generation of users embrace the voice search functionality, the app developers are coming up with ways to maximize the potential of this technology. Today, you can seldom find a smartphone that does not come with its own built-in voice assistant. This only goes on to show that voice search technology is all set to grow in the near future. In order to cater to the needs of the users today, every mobile app developer has to incorporate voice search technology while designing their apps.
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