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Performance Assessment with Digital HRMS: Understanding the Types of Performance Evaluation

Performance reviews or performance assessments are essential for the growth of employees in the organisation. The objective of a performance evaluation process is to reward the employee for the good work and achievements and at the same time, make them see how they can improve on their performance....

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5 Tips on Employee Performance Evaluation in 2020

The evaluation of employee performance is one of the key responsibilities of the HR department of an organisation. What's more, this one is an aspect that calls for a very systematic approach because unless the organisation manages to have a fair and effective process for employee performance...

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HR Experts Talk about Employee Performance Management

The performance of an employee in an organisation is what determines the value of the employee to the organisation. This makes performance assessment a very crucial process and the key responsibility of the HR department. The performance assessment should be designed such that the efforts and...

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How Digital HRMS is the Solution to Challenges in Productivity Management

Productivity of employees is something that needs to be tracked by the enterprises, because it is one of the factors affecting employee appraisal. However, tracking employee productivity is not as easy as it seems. This results in most enterprises not being able to track and recognize the efforts...

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Time Tracking with Digital HRMS: Key Benefits of Employee Productivity Management Platform

Productivity is one of the key factors behind the performance of an employee, and enterprises have always looked for ways to measure employee productivity effectively. However, managing the productivity of hundreds of employees through a manual paper-based system using spreadsheets is not a wise...

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Resource Allocation with Digital HRMS: Exploring Key Benefits of a Resource Allocation System

One cannot deny that one of the biggest assets of an organisation are its resources. The productivity and efficiency of the teams working on the various projects depends on the effective distribution of resources, both in terms of number and skillset. Most organisations today have a resource...

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HR Experts Talk about Employee Engagement Strategies

Employee engagement is something that is highly relevant in today's times when most employees across the globe are reportedly feeling more and more disengaged at work.

As per studies conducted with employees across the globe, at least 45% of employees are not engaged at work.

Now, this...

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5 Employee Leave Management Tips for Enterprises Today

The process of employee leave management is more complex than you think. This is because the HR professionals in the organisation are bestowed with the responsibility to ensure a fine balance between employee engagement and consistent availability of resources for projects. Inefficient management of...

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Infographics Blog on Employee Engagement Statistics 2020

Did you know that according to a study by Quantum Workplace, employee engagement drops by almost 7% after an employee complete 1st year in the organisation.

This shows that employee engagement is a cause for concern that needs to be addressed by the organisations across the globe today, in...

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Leave Management with Digital HRMS: Exploring the Benefits of Automated Leave Management

Managing employee leaves can be a challenging task for the HR department of an organisation, because of the large number of employees in the organisations today and the increased chances of errors with a manual approach to leave management.

38% of organisations in the US use manual leave...

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