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What is Employee Time Tracking and How to Choose the Best Application for your Business - A Guide

What is Employee Time Tracking?

The technique of documenting time against activities is known as time tracking. Time tracking in a...

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Key Strategies to be Followed in the Recruitment Process in Order to Acquire the Best Talents in the Market

What would be your largest recruitment stumbling block if you had to choose one? Your responses may differ based on the size of the organization you work for or the kind of positions you're filling. Most...

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Geofencing: An added benefit to Attendance Tracking by the Digital HRMS

Many companies offered work-from-home options for their staff while the world worked to find a solution to the ongoing Coronavirus problem. Despite their remote workforce, these firms should streamline and manage...

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Leave Management System Increases the Productivity of a WFH / Hybrid Workforce

The Leave Management System enables you to handle all data with ease during WFH or Hybrid working model. The interface allows everyone, from employees to administrators, to view, modify, and update their information in real-time. Let us see what it has to offer -

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How Employee Engagement through Enterprise Learning Management System leads to Employee Productivity

The success of a firm is determined by employee engagement. This is a central aspect of a company's growth in the coming decade and beyond. However, this is a new idea. For decades, corporate executives have...

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Challenges Faced by Company’s Recruitment Process

Every year, about 95% of businesses admit to making poor recruitment decisions, which can result in significant financial loss.


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Features of Digital HRMS that help Enterprises Excel in Business

The Digital Group developed Digital HRMS, an end-to-end employee management solution that can be tailored to match the demands of any company. It's the ultimate HR partner for empowering your workers, streamlining...

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How to Streamline your Recruitment Process through Digital HRMS

You must be aware of what recruitment processes are and the steps of recruitment.

But do you know that the greatest weakness of the...

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How an HR Software Helps Your HR Team Overcome Challenges of Compliance

The HR department of a company bears a significant amount of responsibility for ensuring that the company is clear of legal entanglements and is always on the right side of the law. There are various rules that govern...

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Exploring Benefits of an Automated HR Management Platform with Digital HRMS

Since it is entrusted with the full role of personnel management, an organization's HR department bears the greatest levels of responsibility. From the moment an employee walks in the door until the day they leave, the...

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