Scheduling Meetings with Digital HRMS: Explore Why Enterprises Need Conference Room Booking Platforms

Workplaces are all about collaboration between colleagues and team members and exchange of ideas. When members of a team or multiple teams come together to work on a project, they need to conduct meetings at specific intervals to discuss on the challenges and solutions and to bring everyone on the same page regarding the progress and status of the project. Hence, meetings form an integral part of most employees’ schedule at the workplace, with the average employee spending close to 31 hours in meetings every month!

However, while meetings do serve a purpose, not every employee would agree. In fact, a study by Microsoft, more than 45% of employees consider most meetings to be a waste of time! The reasons can be many, but when it comes to meetings at the workplace in general, what adds to the long meeting hours is the time wasted in finding the right venue for the meeting. And if that wasn’t enough, there is also the probability of meeting with the sight of someone else already present in the meeting room in the time slot you had booked.

On the other hand, there are numerous instances where people book a room beforehand but never turn up on time. These instances make it difficult for employees to be assured of finding a meeting room when they need it. The challenges are many and some of them are as given below:

  • People not showing up even after booking a venue.
  • Low attendance rates in meetings
  • People joining late during the meetings
  • Employees booking meeting rooms for multiple slots for the same meeting to prevent delays in case of a reschedule.
  • Underutilization of the resources in the meeting rooms.
  • No reports or analytics data available. 

The solution? The solution is an advanced HR software like Digital HRMS that offers an automated conference room booking system to make it easy for employees to book meeting rooms and be assured of the availability on the day of the meeting.

The following are the 5 benefits of conference room booking with Digital HRMS.

1] Eliminates the Instances of Double Bookings and No-Shows

When you book a conference room using the conference room booking platform of digital HRMS, where is the no probability of double bookings, whereby two people end up booking the same conference room. Also, with every booking being tracked in the database, chances of people booking multiple rooms is almost next to none.

2] Provision to Manage Bookings

The Digital HRMS platform allows users to manage bookings just by logging into the platform. There is also the option to edit the previous bookings and reschedule them as per one's convenience. This feature ensures that the previously booked time Slot is made available for others to opt for.

3] Limiting Access to Specific Rooms

It is often observed that employees have preferences for a certain room and they always tend to book the same room. Sometimes, this room happens to be the board room or any other large conference room with higher seating capacity and even additional infrastructure, such as a projector. Limiting access to such rooms ensures that all rooms are utilised, and the larger rooms are available for group meetings or when multiple teams are involved.

4] Ensures Proper Utilisation of All Rooms

In the absence of an automated conference room booking system, employees are required to go and check if a conference room is available. This makes them restricted to rooms that are in close proximity to their cubicles. However, with an online management system, even "that room at the corner of the top floor" is available for booking, which ensures popular utilisation of rooms.

5] Prevents Wastage of Time

Usually, employees end up spending a lot of time on looking for venues for a meeting, and then sharing the location with everyone involved. In case the room is not available at the last moment, there is the national hassle of finding another room and informing everyone on time. This exercise leads to wastage of time, which can be effectively eliminated through a conference room booking system. This is because the conference room booking platform of digital HRMS sends automated notifications to all attendees regarding a change in venue or schedule, and also allows booking a conference room for an extended period of time.

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