How Enterprises should Change their Recruitment Strategy Post Covid-19

The covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the way businesses operate in every aspect. It has been more than a year since the advent of the pandemic, but the world is still grappling with the challenges. In fact, the effects have been so enormous that even 2021 and the next few years will be all about enterprises working towards the “new normal”. The HR department is no different and enterprises today need to reconsider their approach towards the different HR functions. Here we shall learn about the effects of the pandemic and the subsequent remote work, on the recruitment process.

1] HR Technology will be the Need of the Hour

As recruitment goes virtual, there is the need to switch to HR Technology more than ever before. HR teams today need an advanced HR software that streamlines the recruitment process and makes it easy to find and hire the best talent even in a virtual environment.
Digital HRMS is an example of a recruitment solution that can help recruiters streamline the recruitment process with ease.

2] Geographical Boundaries would Relatively Fade

The future workplace post Covid-19 will not just be about people working from the office, but also there will be a significant portion of the workforce working remotely from different locations. The acceptance of remote work as a normal way of working, is encouraging recruiters to look for candidates from other towns and cities, instead of always focusing on the same city. This will have multiple advantages, as recruiters will be able to tap into the talent pool across the country. While some profiles cannot be managed remotely, there are many profiles that do not necessarily require working from the office.

3] The Future is all about Virtual Recruitment

One of the major revolutions in recruitment in 2020 was the virtual hiring process that has slowly become the norm for numerous recruitment teams across the globe. Experts believe that this trend is here to stay even after the spread of the pandemic has been controlled and people start returning to the offices. After all, safety and social distancing will continue to be the focus for a long time to come and the virtual hiring process will continue to be used by recruiters for shortlisting and interviewing candidates. This means an advanced recruitment solution is the need of the hour.

According to a LinkedIn survey, 70% of recruiters insist that virtual recruiting is not going away anytime soon.

4] The Focus on Internal Hiring

The challenges faced by the recruiters during the year 2020 were largely responsible for many enterprises looking towards the direction of internal hiring or what we term as internal mobility. After all, there are quite a few advantages to internal hiring, which include faster process, reduced costs and high levels of employee engagement. Since moving employees internally between departments involves acquiring new skills, the post Covid-19 workplace will witness a close coordination between the training management team and the recruitment team to analyse the skill sets required by the employees, to be able to manage their new roles and responsibilities.

So, that was about some of the major trends to witness when it comes to recruitment in the post Covid-19 workplace.

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