Training Management with Digital HRMS: Explore the 5 Reasons Enterprises Need LMS

Employees are the biggest asset to an organisation and one of the key requirements for a highly productive team of employees is the process of continuous learning and improvement. Technology is reinventing itself faster than ever which makes it extremely important for everyone to keep themselves updated.

Corporate training plays a very significant role in this regard because it allows the employees an opportunity to acquire new skills and stay updated on the latest technology. However, the current scenario, where most employees are working from home as a result of the outbreak of the pandemic, has brought forth challenges concerning employee training management.

This is exactly where a learning management system (LMS) comes to the rescue, by allowing enterprises to seamlessly migrate to an online training approach. Digital HRMS is an advanced HR management software platform with a learning management system (LMS) or training management system module dedicated towards helping enterprises bridge the gaps in online training management.

In case you are wondering why exactly an enterprise today needs to invest in a LMS or training management system, here are 5 reasons you should consider.

1] Ease of Accessibility

The very purpose of online training is the accessibility factor associated with it. After all, classroom trainings are not always feasible, given the busy schedules of Corporate employees. This is where LMS system or training management system, like the one offered by the Digital HRMS HR management software, can help because Digital HRMS also has its mobile app available on android and iOS platforms. This means the employees can get access to trainings anytime anywhere at their convenience.

2] Systematic Approach to Employee Assessment
The role of LMS or training management system also includes pre and post assessment of the employees for the training sessions conducted, be it classroom trainings or online. Assessments are important because they help the participants as well as the trainers understand how effective the training session had been and how well the participant could grasp the topic.

3] Automated Notifications
Employees mostly have a busy day with lots of things to manage. In such a scenario, making a note of training sessions can get difficult at times. This is where the Digital HRMS  corporate training management system helps employees through timely automated notifications which are sent via Email. This ensures that the employees do not miss important training sessions.

4] Easy Planning of Trainings
The Digital HRMS corporate training management system allows the training team to create a training calendar on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. There is also the provision offered by the HR management software for defining a certain number of mandatory hours of training for every employee. This way, it becomes possible to address the training needs if the teams and at the same time, allow every employee to plan the trainings as per their convenience.

5] Provision for Employee Feedback
Last but not the least, an advanced LMS or training management system like Digital HRMS allows the employees to share their feedback on the training sessions. In addition to that, they can also raise requests for the trainings required, if any, for a certain quarter. This allows for the employees to benefit from the training exercise and acquire the knowledge they seek.

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