Performance Assessment with Digital HRMS: Understanding the Benefits of Employee Self-Assessment

Performance assessment is the process of measuring performance of employees in an organization through a systematic process. The employee performance assessment process is based on a pre-defined set of parameters that are used to measure the performance of each employee. There are several different approaches to employee performance assessment, some of the common ones being 360-degree feedback, graphic rating scale, self-assessment, team assessment, and more. It’s a common practice for organizations to use one or more of these approaches to define their performance assessment criteria.

Self-assessment is an approach that often fails to get its due diligence because the organization finds it to be an additional hassle to the already complex performance management process in most organizations, with so many employees to consider. However, implementation of self-assessment brings its own share of benefits and a boost in employee morale is just one of them. Digital HRMS HR software is an example of a performance management system that has self assessment as the starting point of the performance management process.

Here are the 4 key benefits of implementing employee self-assessment within advanced performance management system like Digital HRMS HR software platform.

1] Encourages employees to evaluate themselves

When employees are aware of the fact that their self-ratings will play a key role in the performance assessment process, and hence their appraisals, they will be motivated to evaluate themselves on a continuous basis throughout the year. This will help them improve their performance at work and deliver better results. This will also reduce the need for managers to micromanage the tasks of every employee in the team.

2] Increases transparency in the performance assessment process

When employees enter self-ratings on the self-assessment form by logging onto the Digital HRMS HR software platform, they become aware of the parameters on the basis of which the performance is being assessed. This adds to the transparency of the entire performance assessment process, and at the same time, boosts employee morale. It makes employees feel they are an integral part of the entire process, which motivates them to perform better.

3] Emphasis on the significance of teamwork

Performance assessment is as much about the employee as it is about the team. A team can reach its goals only when each member is performing well. Making self-assessment a part of the process drives home the point that performance assessment is not something meant for the managers alone; instead it's something meant for IT employee. This makes employees realise their significant role in the team and they are motivated to give their best. The new age HR software with its performance management system, is a great help in this regard.

4] Helps managers understand the "other side" of the story

True effective self-assessment, managers can get a picture of what the employees think about the performance and identify the gaps if any. The employee might have a largely different perspective from that

of the manager on certain aspects, which is usually never discussed. Self-assessment brings these points to the forefront, paving the way for a healthy discussion on the performance priorities, challenges faced by the employees, if any, and how the team can effectively resolve challenges to boost the overall performance.

Digital HRMS HR software allows employees to enter self-ratings on the self-assessment form created by the HR. This form has multiple parameters and the employee is required to enter ratings against each parameter and also add their achievements for the same. This form, once filled and submitted by the employee, goes to the managers for their ratings and review.

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