How Digital HRMS is the Solution to the Challenges in Law and Regulatory Compliance

The HR department of an organization has a major responsibility when it comes to ensuring that the organization is free from all kinds of legal complications and is always on the right side of the law. There are several laws governing the new age workplace and this has only made the role of the HR department more complex than ever. David Miller, a renowned Attorney from Colorado, insists on the significance of the HR department when it comes to compliance when he says, “HR professionals are the absolute front line of defense for a company to make sure it treats people fairly, legally and keeps the business out of danger.” 

Right from laws governing employee rights and safety at the workplace to inclusion and employee diversity, there are laws everywhere, governing the way enterprises interact with the employees. The following are some of the key challenges faced by the employees when it comes to complying with the laws and regulations pertaining to the following key areas.

  • Laws preventing discrimination based on race, color, gender or ethnic origin.
  • Laws against discrimination on the basis of age or disability.
  • Wage and hour laws that define the minimum wage, total working hours, overtime, meal and break time, etc. as basic rights for every employee.
  • Provision for paid maternity and paternity leaves for employees.
  • Immigration laws that apply for employees working onsite at the client location.
  • Laws governing employee benefits, including medical insurance.
  • Laws governing employee safety at the workplace.
  • Laws protecting the misuse of personal data of employees and users.
So, we see that there are multiple laws that an organization needs to comply with and the responsibility of compliance rests with the HR department. A HR software can help enterprises ensure complete compliance with federal as well as local laws by automating HR processes and streamlining the HR functions. What enterprises need is new age HR software platform like Digital HRMS that takes care of every aspect of the HR functions, boosts HR productivity and efficiency and helps the HR personnel find time for more significant activities in the interest of the business. The following are ways in which a platform like Digital HRMS can help enterprises to be in compliance with the laws and regulations.

  • The Timeport module of Digital HRMS helps the HR team keep track of the working hours of the employees as well as the time given to the different projects the resources are working on. This ensures the employee gets fair recognition for the efforts he/she has put in.
  • The break hours of the employee can be monitored through the Attendance Management module of Digital HRMS, which allows the HR team to track employees who are ignoring their break hours, making it possible to encourage these employees to take breaks often to rejuvenate themselves.
  • The Leave Management system of Digital HRMS allows male and female employees to apply for paternity and maternity leaves as applicable, and ensures no employee is deprived of this right.
  • The platform helps the HR keep track of the immigration proceedings for employees travelling onsite to ensure the requirements of the Immigration laws are complied with.
  • The Digital HRMS platform has a section dedicated to employee benefits that allows employees to view details of the Medical insurance policy and also add nominees for the same.
  • Digital HRMS is a GDPR compliant platform that ensures complete protection of the personal data of the employees, including automated deletion of data from the database within a specified period after the employee has left the organization.
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