How Digital HRMS is the Solution to Employee Management Challenges in Times of the Pandemic

According to a research by Reward Gateway, the biggest challenge faced by the HR Teams today is the lack of employee motivation.

Wondering why? Well, it's because these are difficult times as employees are working from home and dealing with the challenges of remote work, including self-isolation. After all, working from home is vastly different from the way of working most of us are used to, and this can often lead to demotivation or even depression. The change in the way of working demands for change in the role played by the HR department, involving more of employee engagement activities.

I have spoken to HR professionals recently regarding the challenges faced by the HR department in the current scenario. Interesting enough, most of them have a feeling that the pandemic has brought forth multiple challenges when it comes to managing the workforce and keeping the employees motivated. Here we shall look at some of the key challenges faced by the HR in the current times and the likely solutions for those challenges.

 Business Continuity in Times of Crisis

  • Keeping track of the flexible working hours of the employees in the remote work scenario
  • Keeping employees motivated and boosting employee morale
  • Lack of communication channels between employees in the organisation
  • Continuing with corporate training programs for skill development of employees
  • Tracking attendance of remote employees accurately and effectively
  • Finding the best talent for the open positions in the organisation in a remote environment

The challenges mentioned above are just a few of the many more challenges that HR department is dealing with currently. Wondering what is the solution to challenges like this?

Well, an advanced HR software can be the ideal HR partner when it comes to resolving the challenges that remote work has brought forth. A new age HR software platform like Digital HRMS offers dedicated modules for every HR function. The platform automates every HR function and also empowers the HR department to perform activities online, just as the current situation demands.

Overcoming HR Challenges in times of Covid-19 with Digital HRMS

  • Availability On Premise as well as on Cloud ensures the platform can be accessed anytime anywhere and from any device, promoting business continuity.
  • Advanced level of HR data security measures for complete protection of HR data even when the platform is accessed from remote devices.
  • A dedicated time tracking module to track the working hours and tasks completed by the resources and creating reports as and when required.
  • Serves as a common platform but can be accessed by all employees across remote locations that can be used by the HR for employee engagement activities.
  • Automated attendance tracking through the Digital HRMS mobile app with the use of geofencing technology.
  • Provision for online training for employees with the help of the LMS module of Digital HRMS. This ensures that corporate training continuous even when the employees are not able to come together for a classroom session.
  • An intelligent recruitment gateway enables the HR team to carry out recruitment activities seamlessly, without being affected by the current scenario of the pandemic.

So, we see that there are multiple ways in which an HR software like Digital HRMS HR department of Enterprises today overcome the challenges.

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