Role of HR Software in Helping the Human Resources Support the Enterprise During the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has been one of the most serious challenges faced by enterprises in the modern times. The pandemic that started somewhere around January, has completely transformed the way businesses operate, within a matter of few months! Today, as businesses struggle to cope with the plethora of challenges brought forth by the pandemic, it's time for enterprises to come together and find the way to move ahead and overcome the challenges.

The HR department is one of the key departments in any organisation, with the responsibility to manage the employees as well as the business operations to a large extent. When it comes to helping the enterprise in overcoming the challenges, there are quite a few things that the human resources department can do. What’s more, advanced HR technology like Digital HRMS, is what the new age HR teams need to help them take steps towards making the enterprises see through the crisis brought forth by the pandemic.

1] Monitor Employee Productivity

The fact that the pandemic has forced employees to work from home, has changed the scenario completely. Today, it is difficult to keep a tab on the working hours of the employees and how much time they are dedicating to the tasks. This has made managing employee productivity a challenge for enterprises. However, productivity is essential for the growth of the enterprise and so the HR department can take the responsibility of monitoring employee productivity with the help of advanced HR platform like Digital HRMS, which automates the process of productivity management.

2] Boost the Efficiency of the HR Department

During times of crisis, the responsibilities of the HR department grow manifold, which makes it extremely essential that the HR department is performing at its best. To make this happen, what HR needs is an advance HRMS software like Digital HRMS. Digital HRMS has the capability to automate every HR function effectively and efficiently, thus enhancing the HR efficiency and productivity.

3] Strategizing for the Benefit of the Business

Under normal circumstances, the responsibilities of the HR department are usually restricted to employee management, leave and attendance, performance assessment and other regular HR functions. However, in times of the pandemic, the HR should contribute towards building strategies for the growth of the enterprise. A new age HR software like Digital HRMS, has the potential to save the time and efforts of the professionals, allowing them to be able to participate in the brainstorming sessions for the betterment of the organisation.

4] Improving Employee Engagement

Statistics show that the highest rates of turnover occur when employees are not as engaged with their work as they are supposed to be. Disengaged employees are quick to switch to other jobs, and when this happens in times of the pandemic, it can be really challenging for organisation to find good talent in large numbers. It's important to take sure steps towards improving employee engagement and this can only be done by the HR department of the organisation.

A new age HRMS software like Digital HRMS can help the HR department take the right steps towards employee engagement to ensure that the employees are happy and their issues are addressed and resolved on time.

So, we see that there are many small but significant ways in which the HR department can help an enterprise cope up with the crisis situation created as a result of Covid-19 pandemic.

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