Exploring the Building Blocks of the Digital HRMS Recruitment Gateway

Recruitment is one of the key responsibilities of the HR department of organizations, as the Recruitment gateway serves as the channel through which the best talent find their place in the organization. However, the process of recruitment is not easy, as it involves a complex process that can be time consuming. Right from the process of sifting through the hundreds of resumes to maintaining real time records of the interview process of all the shortlisted employees, the process of recruitment can be difficult to manage manually, without an automated Recruitment Gateway.

Yes, the solution to the challenges of recruitment comes in the form of the new age automated recruitment gateway. The Digital HRMS Recruitment Gateway is an example of an advanced platform to help the HR team streamline the process of recruitment and make it more efficient and effective.

Building Blocks of Digital HRMS Recruitment Gateway
The automated Recruitment Gateway Module of Digital HRMS consists of the following components or building blocks. Let’s have a look.

1] Recruitment Dashboard
  • Cumulative view of key recruitment insights
  • Sections with info regarding RRS Dashboard, Recruiting Source, Recruitment Team, Job Posting, Recruitment Funnel and RRS Status
  • Shortcuts to the Candidate Dashboard, RRS Dashboard, Recruitment Dashboard and Shortlisting Dashboard
  • List View and Chart View for recruitment information

2] RRS Dashboard
  • Creation of RRS by Business Unit (BU) heads for open positions in their team or department
  • Management of requisitions through the RRS grid
  • Special features like auto-population of data and cloning
  • Unique ID for every RRS
  • RRS details include required designation, opening date and closing date
  • List of all open RRS visible on the grid for easy identification of internal vacancies

3] Shortlisting Dashboard
  • Extraction of relevant candidate profiles for a RRS from online job portals
  • All candidate details populated in the Add Candidate page
  • Resumes parsed by the system. Basic details about the candidate auto populated in the grid
  • Candidate profile sent for shortlisting to Hiring Manager or Shortlisting Approver

4] Interview Dashboard
  • Display of all scheduled interviews
  • Display of interviews already conducted
  • Display of information about pending feedback
  • Display of current status of candidates and the stage of recruitment process reached by candidate
  • Initiation of hiring process

5] Candidate Dashboard
  • Details about shortlisted candidates entered
  • Display of professional details like years of experience with different technology, detailed skill set, achievements, salaries and more
  • Primarily for Hiring Managers to get a complete picture of the candidates being processed for their units
  • Decision making made easy for Hiring Managers with a quick comparative analysis of the available candidates
6] Candidate Referral
  • Meant for internal job referrals only
  • Employees to refer candidates for the open positions in the organization
  • Provision for employees to upload resume of the referral candidate along with basic details
  • Resume shared directly with recruitment team on submission by candidate
7] Job Postings
  • Display of open positions across various departments in the organization
  • Creation and upload of job postings on Digital HRMS platform by recruiter to whom RRS is assigned
  • Creation and upload of job postings on the Careers page of the corporate website
8] Candidate Tracker
  • Display of a list of candidates who have cleared all the rounds of interviews
  • Display of names of the candidates sent for hiring approval
  • Display of all the details of the candidates
9] Resume Bank
  • Online database of candidates resumes
  • Resumes of candidates rejected at any stage of shortlisting or interview process are archived
  • Provision for recruiters to tag resumes from Resume Bank to another RRS, if applicable
  • Provision to search resumes based on different parameters
10] Pre-Onboarding
  • Management of most formalities of joining before day one
  • Designed for welcome of new hires and to put them at ease before they start working
  • Precedes the process of employee onboarding
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