Empowering Employees with Digital HRMS: Exploring the Digital HRMS Employee Self Service Platform

Today, each and every company or organization takes a number of initiatives to promote employee engagement and make people proud to work for them. Employees are an organization's most valuable asset, which is why companies go to great lengths to keep them happy and enhance their morale. Today, it’s all about making the employees feel empowered and more in control. The Employee Self Service portal is the ideal solution that the HR team needs to have in place to address this.

Digital HRMS is an HR software platform that prioritises the needs of employees. The Digital HRMS employee self-service portal exemplifies the platform's goal of making jobs easier for employees while also increasing transparency in HR operations. The employee self-service portal reduces the need for paperwork for simple tasks like applying for vouchers or business cards. To submit a request, the employee only needs to log into the platform and fill in the required information.

Digital HRMS Employee Self Service Portal
While the Digital HRMS platform is in itself a user-friendly platform that allows the employees to perform numerous tasks, across the multiple modules, just by logging on to the platform, the Employee Self Service  Module takes it to an all new level, by providing access to the HR Help Desk, as well as quick links to request for Vouchers, Coupons, Business Cards and the likes. Here we shall explore what the Employee Self Service portal of Digital HRMS offers.

1] Request for Business Cards
The employee can raise a request for his/her business cards through the Request Business Cards tab. The user must provide basic information in the fields that will be printed on the card, then click the Submit button. There's also a way to keep track of the request's progress.

2] Request for Vouchers
Organizations might issue meal/gift vouchers to their employees in order to receive tax benefits. This service is available through a ‘Voucher Request.' Employees can apply for many types of coupons under this category, including lunch vouchers, gift vouchers, and more. The employee can also manage, track, and view the status of all requests that have been submitted.

3] HR Help Desk
Employees can submit numerous requests (e.g., employment letter, bonafide letter, etc.) to the HR department of the organisation by filling out a few basic facts under the HR Help Desk tab. There's also the provision to keep track of the progress of a request. The list and status of requests raised by their team members are also visible to the manager.

4] Access to Employee Summary
Depending on the permissions, the Employee Summary tab will be available. In the Digital HRMS HR Software platform, this section can be used by Managers or HR to submit requests on behalf of employees.

5] Access to Support Contacts
The Support Contacts tab lists the contact information for each department inside the company. The goal is to give individuals instant access to contacts for quick reference.
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