Empowering Employees with Digital HRMS: Discover Key Employee Self Service Platform Features

The employees are the most valuable assets to an organisation and so organisations today are making efforts to keep the employees happy. After all, happy and satisfied employees contribute towards the productivity and efficiency of the organisation in a big way.

However, statistics indicate that the level of employee engagement is low in most organisations across the globe today.

85% of employees are reportedly not engaged in the workplace - SMARP

This calls for immediate measures to boost employee engagement and organisations across the globe are waking up to this fact. After all, the benefits of high levels of employee engagement are many, including higher profitability.

Companies with a highly engaged workforce are 21% more profitable. - SMARP

This indicates that it pays to have a highly engaged workforce, making it one of the priorities of HR departments in organisations today. A new age HR software platform like
Digital HRMS is helping organisations boost employee engagement in multiple ways and one of these is the employee self-service system.

The employee self-service system of Digital HRMS is a platform available as a part of the HR software, which enables the employees to take control of basic HR and administrative tasks that would otherwise have required intervention from the HR personnel. The reason an employee self-service system is important is that it offers employees a sense of control over some of their basic administrative requirements and they are likely to feel more engaged, and the benefits are many.

Key Features of Employee Self Service System

The features available for the employees on the employee self-service system are likely to vary from one organisation to another, depending on the company policies. However, there are certain common features that one can expect when looking at an employee self-service portal like Digital HRMS, and the primary ones are given below.

1] Access to Payslips
Payslips are issued every month and since they showcase the details of the salary, an employee might need to have a look at the payslip often, if not every month. Employee self-service portal of Digital HRMS allows employees to login and download the payslip(s) for the current month or even the past months, whenever required, with the just few clicks. This saves time and efforts required to write applications to the HR and get them approved, making it one of the key functions of the employee self-service system.

2] Declarations for Income Tax
The submission of the Income Tax declaration is a mandatory activity for employees every financial year and the Digital HRMS employee self-service system allows the employees to submit it online on the platform itself. Employees are required to fill a form and then attach the required documents if any and then submit the request on the employee self-service portal. This paves the way for timely submissions, which makes it easy for the accounts and payroll departments to process the tax deduction on time and prevent any additional tax deductions, without the need for manual intervention.

3] Access to Policy Documents
Digital HRMS makes it easy for the HR department to publish policy documents for the employees. Employees can login to the employee self-service system to view the published policy documents and it makes it easy for them to stay updated. The platform also allows employees to sign on documents online, saving the trouble of fixing an appointment with the HR for the purpose. The employee self-service system also makes it possible for faster attestation on important documents by the employees of the organisation.

4] Application for Leave or Work from Home

Employee self-service platform of Digital HRMS allows employees to apply for leaves online and even raise work from home requests. Not just that, employees are also allowed to track the status of their leave and work from home request and even pullback the requests before they are approved by the manager. This makes the process a lot simpler than the traditional process of leave application that involved submitting a paper form and seeking signatures of the manager and the HR for leave approvals.

5] Time and Task Tracking

Another important feature of the Digital HRMS employee self-service platform is that it allows employees to enter daily work logs by logging in to the platform. This allows them to have control over their daily tasks and productivity, without the need for intervention from the managers.

Also, it makes it possible for the managers to get an idea about the status of a project by checking the work logs submitted by the employees in the team.

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