Top 5 Must Have HR Software Features for the Post Covid-19 Workplace

It has been almost a year since enterprises across the globe have switched to remote work in order to ensure employee safety in the face of the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic. In spite of the multiple challenges brought forth by remote work, most enterprises have been successful in efficient employee management, thanks to the new age HR technology.

In fact, the sudden need to move to the remote work approach has made enterprises realise the significance of HR software more than ever. There are multiple ways in which an HR software platform like Digital HRMS can help enterprises streamline their functions even during the remote work scenario.

Thankfully, the scenario is gradually changing for the better. Today, many enterprises have started to allow employees to get back to the workplace, and very soon we all will be working from our office desks. So, as we talk about the workplace post the pandemic, it helps to know that certain things will not be the same as it used to be, at least not in the initial days.

So, how can the HR software, which served to empower the HR during remote work, help as the workforce slowly moves back to the office? Is a new age HR Software like Digital HRMS well equipped to help the HR deal with the demands of the workplace post the pandemic? Definitely yes, and it's because of the following key 
HR Software features:

1] Face Recognition for Recording Attendance

We know that even after we have moved to the workplace, it will be essential to follow the basic safety precautions including social distancing. In such a scenario, the conventional biometric device for recording attendance will no longer serve the purpose. The solution comes in the form of attendance through facial recognition as offered by the Digital HRMS mobile app. This ensures a fool proof method of recording attendance without compromising on the safety of the employees.

2] Provision for Remote Check-In

Moving back to the office will be a gradual process, which means the post Covid-19 workplace will be all about the hybrid approach whereby the employees would come to office for only a few days of the week and work from home on the other days. So, the remote check-in feature of an HR software platform like Digital HRMS will still be relevant.

3] Remote Productivity Tracking

The remote productivity tracking functionality offered by a new age HR software like Digital HRMS proved to be extremely useful during remote work and it will continue even in the post pandemic workplace. The reason is that it will be long before all the employees start coming to the office at the same time. Till then it will be all about people coming in batches, working from office on few days and working remotely on the others. The productivity tracking feature will help managers manage projects and resources more efficiently.

4] Help Desk for The Employees

Under normal circumstances, it is always easy for the employees to walk up to the HR with their queries or grievances. However, when a part of the work force is working remotely, coordinating with people from other departments can often be a challenge. The HR helpdesk portal on the Digital HRMS platform helps the employees address their queries and seek answers in a few clicks through a hassle-free process.

5] Announcements and Surveys on the Platform

Another key challenge of the post Covid-19 workplace would be communication between the HR and the employees. A platform like Digital HRMS offers a solution to this challenge, with provisions for the HR to make announcements and also conduct surveys on the platform itself. This way, it becomes easier for the employees to be aware of the company policies and important events and also makes it easy for the HR to understand the employees better through their feedback.

So, that was about the key HR Software features to look for in the Post Covid-19 workplace. Want to discover more about how Digital HRMS can help your HR team streamline employee management?

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