Digital HRMS is the Solution to the Corporate Training Challenges Due to Remote Working

Today, as the world is grappling with the repercussions of the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic, the impact on businesses has been substantial. A large section of the Global working population is forced to work remotely, and this continues even as the lockdown is slowly being lifted in many parts of the world. Businesses today face many challenges due to a workforce that is largely working from home, and corporate training management is one of them.

We all are aware of the significance of training and skill development for employees. Every organisation focuses on training sessions to help employees learn new skills and add to their knowledge and expertise. It's very common to find a team in the organisation that is dedicated towards identifying the training needs of employees and scheduling training sessions. The training sessions are usually conducted within the office premises for the convenience of the employees as well as the organisation. However, with the self-isolation protocol imposed, imparting training to employees in groups within the premises, is not an option anymore.

According to McKinsey, at least 50% of in-person training programs have been cancelled in North America and almost 100% in some parts of Asia.

However, an organisation cannot afford to pause skill development and capability building of the employees, no matter what the circumstances are. This is because there are many reasons employee training is crucial to the employees and the organisation.

  • Improve the performance of employees
  • Boost the confidence and moral of employees
  • Help employees improve their knowledge on a specific domain
  • Strengthen the skill set of employees
  • Help employees improve communication and develop soft skills
  • Boost team productivity by ensuring consistency in the skills of team members
  • Inspire the teams to bring innovative ideas
  • Help employees allocated to other projects, learn about their new responsibilities, technologies to be used, etc.

Hence, corporate training is indeed important, isn't it? So, it’s crucial for organisations to find alternatives to in-person training, that are as effective if not more. This is where an HR software like Digital HRMS can help.

Digital HRMS is an integrated customizable HRMS platform that is available on the Cloud. It offers dedicated modules for every HR function and it's all that a business needs to automate the entire employee Management process.


When it comes to the training needs of the employees, Digital HRMS has a dedicated training module that allows the employees to login and get access to training material. The organiser also has the option to record training videos and share them on the Digital HRMS platform for access to all employees, or specific employees only, depending on the requirements. Given below is the diagram that illustrates the many key activities that are a part of training management with Digital HRMS.

Hence, Digital HRMS is the ideal solution for organisations to overcome the challenges of imparting training to the employees. The training module can be used to plan pre and post assessments for the trainees, and even collect feedback for the trainer. It is a platform that is designed to ensure organisations are not required to hit the pause button when it comes to employee training, even under challenging circumstances.

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