Explore Benefits of an Automated Recruitment System for Your HR

Recruitment is one of the key areas of the responsibilities of the HR department of an organization today. After all, recruitment is the gateway to an organization and it needs to be managed well. Hiring candidates who ae the best fit for the different roles in the organization is a very key function, as it defines the performance of the entire organization to a large extent.

A new age HR software is what the enterprises need today in order to automate the entire recruitment process. Digital HRMS is an advanced new generation HR software that offers a dedicated recruitment module to automate the entire process of hiring and bringing new employees on board. The platform makes it easy for the HR to manage recruitment even when the world is working remotely. Let us have a look at the many benefits of investing in an automated platform like Digital HRMS.

  • Compliance with data protection guidelines
  • Automated tracking & monitoring of the recruitment process
  • Customizable email builder, job description templates & application forms
  • Continuous automated updates on the interview status
  • Provision for candidate referrals
  • Streamlined pre-onboarding process

Automated Recruitment Management with Digital HRMS

The Recruitment module of Digital HRMS comes with multiple features, each one designed to add to the convenience of the HR team in finding, shortlisting and then bringing the best talent on board. Given below are the key features that together make a difference.

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