5 Tips to Control Employee Attrition

Hiring a candidate is a daunting task. From sourcing candidates from a wider talent pool to weeding out ineligible candidates from the eligible ones to making their onboarding journey as smooth as possible, it takes a lot of work to hire a new employee. And after doing all this, receiving a resignation email can be heartbreaking. So how can you prevent yourself from this heartbreak? The answer is simple- by crafting an employee retention strategy that allows you to control employee attrition. 

Do you know hiring a new employee costs about $4,000? So isn’t it prudent to keep the existing staff retained instead of hiring new employees? Today, we will be discussing some of the major tips to control employee attrition. 

Top 5 tips to control employee attrition

Start by hiring the right fit 

You can control employee attrition by looking into your hiring strategy. Don’t just fall for skills and experience the person holds, but analyze or evaluate the behavior of the candidate. Look into the candidate’s previous work experiences, ask them what kind of job environment they feel comfortable in, and don’t forget to convey your expectations. All this will help the candidate analyze if they will be the right fit for your organization. However, it’s not easy to assess a person’s behavior in just one meeting, therefore, you can prepare a questionnaire asking a few pertinent questions. Also, don’t forget to do background checks while hiring any new employee. 

Offer flexibility and autonomy

Let’s face the fact that nobody likes to be micromanaged. So never make your employees feel monitored every step of the way. According to a research study, 73% of employees said that having flexible work arrangements increased their work satisfaction. Therefore, allow your employees the flexibility to work from anywhere, offer them more autonomy, encourage them to take regular breaks during office hours, and give them some personal space by introducing, ‘No phone, No Email After Working Hours’ policy. The new generation of employees enjoys flexibility more than lucrative salaries, so ensure you offer them what they want the most. 

Build a positive work culture

Culture plays a crucial role in reducing employee attrition. If one has to choose between a high salary package but a toxic work environment and a low salary package but a positive work culture, most people would go for the latter. 8 hours is a very long time and nobody wants to spend this time rambling about the toxic work environment. When mental health issues are at an all-time high, you need to offer a healthy working space to your employees. Encourage honest and transparent communication in your organization through a systematic employee engagement process. Create space for team collaboration, allow your employees to express themselves without any reluctance, and support your employees both personally and professionally. 

Offer the benefits your employees deserve

The Benefits Trends Survey by Willis Towers Watson 2017 states that 75% of employees are more likely to stay with their organization for a long time because of their employee benefits package. Therefore, focus on offering perks and benefits that not only attract employees but also retain them. Don’t just make your employees benefits all about handsome salary packages, try to think out of the box. Some of the employee benefits that are gaining much attention these days include paid time off, investment options, health and term life insurances, salary advances, personal loans, retirement benefits, daycare services for employees’ children, to name a few. There are many HR tech platforms that are making financial services more accessible to both employees and employers. Consider checking them out. 

Appreciation will never go out of style

Employees tend to work harder when they feel they are recognized for their work. Sending appreciation mails, recognizing employees on company group channels or during team events or town halls, and rewarding them from time to time can help you retain your most talented resources. This not only helps improve employee satisfaction but also keeps them engaged and improves employee loyalty. Giving employees the rewards they deserve and the appreciation they need for their performance can help your organization in a great way. It might be a few words for you but for your employees they can mean everything. 


Employee attrition is something that can’t be eliminated completely from the system but it can definitely be controlled to some extent. And you can do so by following the above-mentioned tips to control employee attrition. Apart from this, try to delve into the situation to figure out the root problems and take necessary actions before it becomes too late.

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