Explore the Press Release for New Features Update and Launch of a New Module in Digital HRMS

Explore A New Module Launch Along with New Features and Improvements in Various Modules of Digital HRMS

June 2024: The Release of Digital HRMS - A new module “Advances” has been launched and various features are added in Leave and Attendance, Recruitment, PMS, LMS, Confirmation Assessment, Policy Documents, Reports & Analytics, Recruitment modules and an improvement in Recruitment module. Below is the brief about the launch of new module, features updates and improvement in Digital HRMS:

New Module Launched in the Release - Advances Module

  • Advances Module: Introducing a novel "Advanced Module" which enables employees to conveniently request and oversee advances for their expenditures, as well as other operational requirements, while administrators effectively evaluate, approve, and monitor these requests to guarantee transparency and accountability. This feature is available on Web.

Feature Updates - Leave & Attendance Management Module

  • Multiple Attendance Regularization: Empower employees to efficiently manage numerous attendance regularizations simultaneously, streamlining the attendance documentation for a range of activities such as rectifying missed check-ins/outs in a single operation in the Leave and Attendance module. This feature is available on Web & Mobile.
  • Notice Period Rules: Now Allowing or restricting employees to avail leaves during notice period just got better in the Leave and Attendance Management Module! This feature is available Web.

Feature Updates - Recruitment Module

  • Password Protected Offer Letter: This security protocol guarantees the safeguarding of confidential job offers through the issuance of distinct passwords linked to the documents, restricting entry solely to approved personnel, and allowing for personalized configurations by administrators through Recruitment Module. This feature is available on Web.
  • Revise Offer Letter: Presenting a feature for seamless offer adjustments, enhancing recruitment flexibility and agility while streamlining negotiation processes for recruiters and hiring managers in the Recruitment Management module. This feature is available on Web.
  • Email Communication in Pre-onboarding: A novel functionality is being introduced allowing the Human Resources department to solicit supplementary information or documents through pre-onboarding emails, thereby enriching the onboarding process for both candidates and HR personnel in the Recruitment Module. This feature is available on Web.
  • Pullback Offer Review Request: This feature permits the recruiter to withdraw the offers which has not been approved by the approver, thus empowering the recruiter to modify the offer documentation as needed in the Recruitment Module. This feature is available on Web.
  • Send offer letter via email: By incorporating pre-established email templates containing selectable information and embedded placeholders to facilitate the automated insertion of candidate-specific data, the process of recruitment is streamlined for the recruiter, reducing the need for manual data entry in the Recruitment Module. This feature is available on Web.
  • Candidate login link: This feature enables the recruiter to initiate temporary candidate logins for the purpose of gathering documents from the candidate. Furthermore, the link allows the candidates either approve or reject offer letters in the Recruitment module. This feature is available on Web.
  • Candidate Referral Info: Easily monitor internal employees who have recommended their acquaintances for any available position within the company in the Recruitment module. This feature is available on Web.

Feature Updates - PMS Module

  • PMS TNI integrated with LMS: Incorporating PMS Training need identification data into training module ensures synchronization between training initiatives and performance objectives, thus fostering developmental needs identified through performance management in our PMS module. This feature is available on Web.
  • PMS Dashboard: The PMS Dashboard presents a range of diverse charts, allowing HR to easily visualize the Assessment Status of any department. Managers will also be able to see the progress of his team, enabling him to gain a more comprehensive perspective on the distribution of growth within his team. These charts also provide information on the results of a specific Department, covering the general rating trend. This feature is available on Web.

Feature Updates - LMS Module

  • Training Evaluation: Now conveniently evaluate the effectiveness of any training program and get comprehensive feedback from their managers on the value of the training programs and their effectiveness in achieving business goals or if the employee needs to be retrained in the LMS module. This feature is available on Web.

Feature Updates - Confirmation Assessment Module

  • Confirmation 5 Level Workflow: The capability of confirmation assessment has been enhanced to accommodate the acquisition of approval from a maximum of five hierarchical levels in Confirmation Assessment module. This feature is available on Web.

Feature Updates - Policy Documents Module

  • Accept/Decline Document or Letter: Employees will have the capability to provide acceptance of documents or letters within the application as a means of acknowledgment in the Policy Document Module. Furthermore, they will also have the option to receive reminder emails. This feature is available on Web.

Feature Updates - Reports & Analytics Module

  • Auto Send Report feature: Automate your report delivery and save hours of work every month in the Reports & Analytics module. Schedule an automated email on a set frequency and have the report delivered directly to your mailbox. This feature is available on Web.

Improvement - Recruitment Module

  • The Recruitment Dashboard has undergone significant enhancements to boost performance and user-friendliness, incorporating elements such as navigation, an improved user interface, quicker loading speeds, customizable widgets, and additional functionalities for a more comprehensive analysis of recruitment data and patterns in Recruitment Module.

The extensive updates and alterations made to the Digital HRMS platform will undoubtedly enhance the engagement our users have with the platform. As there are several new updates and features being developed for Digital HRMS, keep an eye on this section as we keep you informed.

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Tuesday, Jun 4, 2024