Discover the New Updates in Press Release for the Digital HRMS PMS Module

August, 2022: The recent release of the PMS module for the Digital HRMS, which has new features and is improved to provide customization.

The Expense module of the HR platform has some additional features added by the Digital HRMS team, expanding upon its wide range of features.

What's New in this Release:

  1. Goal Set Option can be viewed by Employees, Managers, and HR.
  2. HR should be able to see the status of all the goal-setting forms. The "View Appraisal Assessment" is renamed as "View form Status" with 2 radio buttons "Assessment Form" & "Goal Form".
  3. User will have to Define Goal Section Weightage.
  4. If one Goal/OKR form is mapped with multiple employees, then the manager can change the content of form for the only an individual employee and this will not impact other employees mapped with the same goal form
  5. Configuration can be set up wherein "Appraisal Assessment" the final rating calculation can be either average of all levels ratings or the final rating should be last level/assessor's rating (can be chosen).
  6. The user can see initiated Appraisal Cycles as well while doing Form mappings.
  7. HR/Admin shall set Routing Level for Goal Form for the creation of Goals.
  8. Employees Performance Assessment includes Goal Mapping & Initiate Appraisal Tab Selected Goal Period should be initiated by Employee. And all mapped employees should get Pending Notifications and emails along with their manager about the opening of the goal-setting window.
  9. Given Goal Form can be initiated for a defined period. Then notification should go to the Set Levels for adding/Removing Goals and Submitting.
  10. Comments and ratings of only level 1 managers to the employee will be displayed.
  11. Appraisal Assessment can be initiated directly from the Manager Level. No need for Self-Assessment from Employees.
  12. User shall be able to Map selected employees with 'Goal Period'.
  13. Ability to choose "Employee Comments" for an Appraisal form as "Mandatory" or "Optional".
  14. Acceptance/Rejection by Approval Levels of created Goal Form by can be set by the Employee.
  15. Confirmation Status Tab > Delete "Export to Excel", "Export to PDF" and "Export to Word" buttons are added.
  16. Ability to display desired KRA or Competency Fields in a Form with desired "Display name" so that user is able to initiate Appraisal Form with desired fields with their display names.
  17. Weightage (out of 100) is allocated for "Define competency section" and "Define KRA Section" & Display output in Form.
  18. Probation extension document is shared with the employee.
  19. Form Mapping is based on Appraisal Cycle Name & Mapping Type.
  20. To see the Final Rating of Employee's previous Appraisals for giving current Appraisal Ratings
  21. To have the ability to Create Expected Appraisal Outcomes/Company Standards for each set of Rating. For Example -
    • A - Outstanding - 20 %
    • B- Excellent - 30%
    • C-Satisfactory -30 %
    • D - Below Expectation -10 %
    • E - Poor - 10 %
  22. Ability to view combined KRA & Competency Form Design & Result
  23. To create PMS_KRA Form Design

The various changes and upgrades introduced to the Digital HRMS platform will undoubtedly improve our users' interaction with the platform. Keep an eye on this section for updates on the most current advancements in Digital HRMS, as there are many new modifications and additions in the works.

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Posted Date:
Tuesday, Aug 23, 2022