An Introduction to the Digital HRMS App

Today, automation of business processes is the need of the hour and every business out there is investing in software for successful automation of different processes. When it comes to automation of HR processes, what businesses need is a HR platform that is designed to automate every HR task and boost the productivity and efficiency of the HR department. Digital HRMS is a HR software that is designed to help enterprises effectively automate HR processes and what’s more, it is a modular software that allows businesses to pick and choose the modules that best cater to their requirements, and then add modules as and when required. This feature makes Digital HRMS an ideal HR software for every business – irrespective of the size or complexity. It allows anytime, anywhere access through any device, as it’s available on the Cloud.

Taking the accessibility a step further is the newly launched Digital HRMS mobile app that is available for Android and iOS users. The app offers the core modules available on the current platform, with subsequent modules to be updated in the upcoming releases. There are some really interesting features in the app that are designed to make smart use of mobile hardware to enhance the user experience, such as Finger Print ID and Face Detection ID. Here’s a glance at the key features of the Digital HRMS mobile app, along with snapshots of the actual UI.

App Unlock with Fingerprint

With the newly introduced Digital HRMS app, experience a redefined way to unlock the app between sessions, with key features given below.

  • The Digital HRMS app allows users to choose to turn on the app unlock feature using Touch ID/Face ID as per the availability of hardware in the device.
  • In case the user chooses to use Touch ID/Face ID for app unlock, they will be prompted to authenticate using the same here once and after that they will be taken to the dashboard screen.
  • The app allows users the provision to not turn on this feature or turn it on later from the app settings screen as well.

2] Insightful Dashboard

The newly launched app offers an insightful dashboard and the following are the key features it brings for the user:

  • The app shows actual and total work hours for that day and the entire week updated in real time.
  • There is the provision to view punch in/punch out history screen with single tap on location icon.
  • The app allows easy navigation to any screen through the horizontal as well as the grid menus.
  • The users can view all the notifications at a glance to facilitate prompt action.
  • If the user updates the location radius when out of office, the app offers provision for punch/out when user is within the location.

3] Employee Directory

The Employee Directory of the Digital HRMS app is designed to ensure employees of an organization are always connected, making collaborative work seamless and easy.

  • The Digital HRMS app allows users to view the list of their team members, along with their details.
  • The app allows users the provision to search for any employee from the organization by typing their name on the search field.
  • The app shows basic details for the employees, which include name, designation, picture, employee id, office email id, extension, cell number and location.

4] Leave & Attendance

Managing the leave and attendance of employees can be a complex process, but the newly launched app makes this easy through the following features:

  • The app allows users to view leave their leaves in graphical format.
  • The user can select any date range to view leaves for that period.
  • The leave graph can be expanded by tapping on a section to view detailed bifurcation of leave categories.
  • Digital HRMS allows Managers to view leave details of employees reporting to them.
  • The app has provision for the user to apply for leaves with a few taps and also view the status of the approval process.
  • There is also the provision for users to view the Holiday List for the calendar year.

5] HR Help Desk

The employees often feel the need to connect with the HR department to resolve queries or seek assistance. The Digital HRMS app offers the following key features:

  • The app allows users to view the list of Human Resource Employees and their contact details.
  • The users can tap and make a call to HR personnel from the app itself, and also tap to send an email directly.
  • The app also allows users to raise a request on the app for help from the HR department, and receives a success message after successful submission of request.

6] News & Announcements

The Digital HRMS app has the News & Announcements section that allows users keep a tab on the latest updates. The key features are as follows:

  • Digital HRMS app allows the HR/Admin to publish news and announcements on the Home Page.
  • The users can view published news under the News & Announcements section.
  • There is also the provision for users to search for news by typing a query in the search box.
  • The app allows users to view the details of the news by clicking on the news title. The app also supports videos/images.

7] Training Management

The Training module of Digital HRMS is power-packed with the most advanced features to help the organization plan and implement training sessions for the skill development of every employee. The module offers the following key features:

  • The users can view their training goals for the year on the My Trainings section of the Digital HRMS app, as well as the Training Goal completion status.
  • The app showcases the training goals in graphical format for easy identification.
  • There is the provision for the users to track both, classroom as well as online trainings.
  • The Digital HRMS app also showcases the provision to view assigned trainings for specific quarters.

So, we see that the newly launched app is offers all the benefits of the web-based platform, along with additional mobile-specific features. Designed for a faster performance, the app is available for free download from the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store. Have you downloaded the app yet?

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