Help employees transition from probation to confirmation with ease

Digital HRMS makes the entire process of confirmation of employees on probation easy and simple using a human resource management software. With the HRMS system as your HR partner, you can initiate confirmation by selecting a few parameters, customize confirmation review forms, and allocate different probationary periods for different employees, if required. What's more, employees can also check the status of their probation and if their request for confirmation is pending or has been approved.

Initiation of confirmation is as simple as selecting the employee name, the map category and the map rating scale and submitting it. Choosing a map category on the personnel management software is nothing but a choosing a role with relevant performance parameters. Using Digital HRMS, users can create their very own customized rating scale.

As every job role has different responsibilities, it makes sense to have a customizable confirmation review form. Digital HRMS is your ideal HR partner that provides several options to customize a confirmation review form by adding additional components. Users can add details such as the name of this new additional component, the order in which it will appear, its answer type – check box, option button or free text, and the number of choices. One of the best human resource software out there, it can also decide whether the forms will be editable by the employee/manager or both or neither.

Using this feature of Digital HRMS, users can check the confirmation statuses – approved, extended, pending, submitted for various employees right on the human resources management system. They can use various filters such as the date, employment number, name to search for employees.

Digital HRMS is a HR IT system that can also add different probationary periods such as 30, 60 or 90 days and select when to activate or deactivate these periods.

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