Monitor Productivity with Prompt Attendance Management

This is one of the key features of a HR software platform as it allows you to manage the attendance of all the employees in your organization with utmost accuracy and precision. Whether your company has employees working in different shifts or offers the provision of attendance regularization, rest assured that with Digital HRMS, you can manage it all. On top of that, you can use this feature of your human resource management system to generate customized attendance reports and export them in various formats for easy reference.

Digital HRMS is your HR partner and seamlessly integrates with a variety of Access Control Systems such as Biometric scanners or RFIDs. The captured raw attendance data will be presented to you in an easy-to-use format, making maintenance of attendance records effortless.

Using Digital HRMS, the admin/HR can maintain all attendance regularization requests systematically by creating request categories as per the nature of the business and employee roles. Employees too can easily record attendance regularization or work from home requests with just a few clicks on the HRMS system. Right from choosing the date and the time period to adding reasons and relevant proofs, there is a provision for everything.

This HR software system feature is ideal for organizations with employees working in multiple shifts, day and night. Using Digital HRMS, the administrator/HR personnel can create shifts including details such as min/max number of working hours, specific attendance rules for the shift, monitoring frequency and the payroll cutoff date for instance.

Digital HRMS provides an exhaustive list of report building options like tracking absenteeism, punch-in and out timings and attendance regularization. These reports can be easily exported to a system in various formats, such as Word, Excel and PDF. Managing defaulters and handling records becomes very easy with the customizable reports feature on the human resource management software.

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