Make the Digital HRMS tool your own!

The Essential Administrator Rights feature allows you to personalize the Digital HRMS tool to comply with your organization's policies and requirements. Use it to set up HR guidelines and roles in accordance with your company’s hierarchy. This feature on your HR management software allows you to generate forms and questionnaires with as much ease as setting up the HR software platform's Homepage or managing the users and their access rights.

Does your organization have offices and business units (BUs) in multiple locations? Digital HRMS has a provision to create an organizational structure that incorporates all your offices, BUs, and subsidiaries, etc. The human resource management software also lets you add, edit and view your organizational structure.

Master tables can be used to setup a large number of HR guidelines such as the holiday calendars, the separation categories, the employment types, the office locations, the banking partners, and the weekly offs to name a few. The information updated in the HR management system using these tables form the basis on which various HR policies are developed.

Using Digital HRMS, the administrator/HR personnel can setup roles as per their company's hierarchy or team structure. This plays a key role, especially when assigning workflows for approvals through the HRMS software. When setting up a new role, users can save a suitable Role Name, choose the employees who will perform this role, pick the business unit, and the location.

If you are unable to control the access that the employees have to important information, you could choose to setup role based access using Digital HRMS. For instance, you can determine different access limits for managers, trainees or company directors. Since the HRMS system is dynamic in nature, users get a freehand when designing the menu. Users can determine what permission a specific role will have. They can also determine which employees have access to which pages of the HR software.

Tired of sending reminder emails for getting things done? Enjoy clarity and free up your time by using workflow management with Digital HRMS. Streamline your workflows by configuring processes for leave, attendance, resignation approvals, and performance, etc., all on your HR software system. You can include details such as the number of routing levels, the pages that are to be mapped, and the option to save and delete workflows.

A question builder can be used for generating exit interview questionnaires, confirmation/appraisal review forms, feedback collection forms and more. Digital HRMS makes it very easy for you to determine the questions, the scoring scales or the answer types. When creating the questionnaire on the HR Manager software, users can choose whether to include the text box, check box, option button or provide the free text option. Users can also determine which questions are mandatory and which are not and configure the number of choices that should be given per question.

Sending out notification/reminder emails can be quite a tedious job. To make your work simpler, Digital HRMS has an email template feature using which you can create multiple emails within minutes. Users simply have to pick an Email template form and select the message type - notification, reporting or functional, etc. From the right-hand panel on the screen of the human resources software, you can add or delete details to be included in the email and also save, update or delete templates as and when required.

A human resource planning software must always reflect your company's policies and vision. To ensure this happens, the Digital HRMS tool provides you with an option to configure the tool's home page - quick links, menu and alerts.

So as to encourage your employees to align their career to the company goals, it is essential that they have easy access to the company policies, quality policies and more, preferably on the HR management software. This feature on Digital HRMS lets you upload, edit and view the updated versions of your company's policies.

The HR personnel/Administrator enjoys complete freedom when creating new users and determining their level of access on the HR management software, including details such as user name, user role, password and email. The user role determines how much access the new user has. Using Digital HRMS, one can also search for an existing user and disable him/her. Setting up a customized Windows Login Id for a user is also possible.

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