Configure a leave policy as per your requirement

Just as important as the Prompt Attendance Management feature, the Leave Management Feature is a must-have for every HR software. This feature allows you to effortlessly manage the leaves of all your employees at one central location and also makes it easy for them to apply for leaves and keep a track of leave approval by logging in to the HR software platform. Right from customizing the leave policy for employees to formulating leave credit rules and the holiday calendar, this feature offers it all. It also allows your employees to use the HR management software to generate reports on leave balance and leaves taken, in a graphical format.

Add, delete, or edit the types of leaves you wish to give your employees. Whether you want to provide sick leaves, casual leaves, and maternity leaves or you wish to add a blanket type of leaves per month, it's possible using Digital HRMS. Users can apply these rules to the HRMS system as per the different Organization units, office locations, grades, and employee statuses in their company.

From setting up unique policies for leave limits, advanced leaves, intervening and suffix/prefix weekly offs to configuring rules for prorating, encashment, carry forwarding, and lapses, users can determine every minute detail of their leave policy using Digital HRMS. Users can also use the web-based HR software to determine the workflow to be followed for leave approval.

Adjust all types of leaves for a particular employee, a select few employees or all your employees using the bulk adjustment feature of Digital HRMS. At the click of a button on the human resources software, the HR personnel/Administrator can credit or debit any number of leaves from their employee's leave balance by providing relevant reasons

From a drop-down menu on the human resources software, users can choose the type of leave that needs to be credited and add other details such as the start month, the credit month, the number of days to be credited, the round-off options, email notification receiver details and the period of credit amongst other things.

With employees working for clients from around the world, it is but obvious that an organization may need to follow different holiday calendars, such US calendar, UK calendar, India calendar, so on and so forth. The holiday list as per each one of these calendars should be available on the human resource management software the organization uses. Using Digital HRMS, you can add these calendars as per your requirement.

Digital HRMS gives the HR personnel/administrator the easiest way to truncate leaves. Leaves can be invoked at a click of a button and the leave balance can be checked on the personnel management software before doing so.

Digital HRMS is a human resource planning software that has all the pre-requisite modules such as attendance regularization and work from home request, static attendance reports, and leave requests/pullback, etc. These modules give employees ample of clarity, minimize the role the HR personnel have to play and eliminate the need to send/receive emails. Using the reports feature, employees can log in to the HR software to track their own attendance and working hours and align themselves with the company policies.

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